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Engagement, Soft-Skills & Communication Training

Everybody wants to be heard, valued and acknowledged.  Building an effective workplace of the future will require developing compassion, empathy and the ability to see others as unique individuals.  It takes emotional intelligence to connect and communicate with others to build trust with the people you lead. The ability to motivate people to be adaptable and perform to their maximum potential depends on being confident in communicating and gaining buy-in specifically when change is necessary and communication is hard.

Leadership Development for Future Success

Leadership Development in these current challenges of the pandemic, The Great Resignation and creating Diverse Workplace Culture will require updated leadership skills beyond the ones of the past and your organization’s success is only as effective as the leaders in charge.  Understanding your leadership-style and understanding others is essential to effective leadership in a multi-cultural workforce.  Upgrading and developing your leadership skills and that of your team is the way forward to build trust and navigate change for future success in the workplace.


Beyond Loss: Moving Forward with Grief in the Workplace


Organizations are now faced with the reality that employees are bereaved and grieving at an alarming rate. Research indicates unresolved grief cost of $75B in loss productivity, lost business and poor performance. Emotional health and well-being of employees is becoming the top-priority in caring for and retaining employees and providing the needed resources to navigate these current times during the pandemic.

It’s now more important than ever  leaders be equipped with compassionate communication skills and grief awareness education to help grievers navigate change and loss in the workplace as well as provide supportive internal resources and ways to create physical and or emotional space for grieving.

Women's Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Deciding the mission and vision of your organization is simple.  Getting people to follow you into an unknown future when you’re building and growing is not so simple.  Coaching will enahance your leadership, self-awareness, mindset, communication & influence.  Inquire if this style of coaching is for you.

Consulting & Partnering

Collaborate with executives to conduct needs assessment, determine potential solutions and design and execute learning content to create a training & learning experience with pre-determined KPIs and continuous improvement to meet specific goals.

Training Seminars & Workshops

(Workshops & Seminars, Lunch & Learns)
Training alone is not enough.  Experiential learning and development helps to put new learned behaviors into practice that gets results.

What People Are Saying

“Tracy is able to draw out of her clients their unique value to the market and help them position that value through multiple marketing channels.”
W. Shane McKenzie

Executive Coach & Leadership Mentor, John Maxwell Team President's Advisory Council Executive Director

“I learned about resources I wasn’t aware of. I have always felt that you always seem to have a pretty good advice on how to figure out a marketing problem. You also ask great questions that always make me think!”
Anita Murphy

Co-Founder/Vice President, Klean Works

“Working with Tracy has been one of the best things I have done for my business. Her ability to see my business from a different perspective has allowed me to make strategic decision that has led to tremendous growth. If you are looking for a true business partner, Tracy is the one for you!”
Bryan Caison

Founder and President, Corporate Training Solutions Company of The Caison Group


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Embracing Conflict as a Learning Opportunity

Embracing Conflict as a Learning Opportunity

Conflict Encourages Open Mindedness. Working together to accomplish organizational goals is tough work. If you’ve ever been in a relationship with ANYONE at ANYTIME then you’ve likely had conflict. For many people conflict is uncomfortable. Others embrace it....

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5 Ways Employers Can Help Employees’​ Emotional Health During a Crisis

5 Ways Employers Can Help Employees’​ Emotional Health During a Crisis

The #covid19 crisis is taking a toll on worker's mental health. People are craving stability an to get back to some form of normalcy in their lives. The mental and emotional state of having stability, certainty and comfort provided us a sense of control and safety -...

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Why We’re Grieving The Relationship We Had With Kobe Bryant

Why We’re Grieving The Relationship We Had With Kobe Bryant

You saw it on Sunday. You thought it was the internet being the internet again with "fake news" but then you discovered it wasn't fake. It was real. Kobe has died. Feelings of shock, sadness and disbelief is what came over me when my 12 year-old granddaughter came to...

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If keeping up with the Great Resignation, the Great Reset and retaining talent all while trying to navigate change with a grieving workforce is challenging for you, we’re here to support and help you prepare for the future.