Are you worried about the future and fearful that your organization may be lagging behind because you’re not sure your leaders can drive change?

You see I understand the pressure and people challenges facing most leaders today. I have been on both the leadership and employee side and I remember the difficulties I had engaging and leading people through change. Persuading people to buy-in isn’t always easy. Leaders are concerned about an uncertain future, especially in this world of Digital Transformation.

How often do you say to yourself, “Are we truly prepared to grow in an uncertain economy?

Do you get the feeling it’s time to do something different about your people problems?

With the advancement of technology and the digital transformation era, consumer demands are changing. Things are moving fast and you have to align your team to meet those demands quickly. Are your leaders ready, equipped and accountable to drive change to that next level?

“Relationships Are Everything”

With the simple tools in this book you’ll learn ways to

Communicate to meet others where they are so they feel heard, valued & acknowledged.
Engage with others so they feel supported and inspired and more engaged with their work.
Build relationships with difficult people who are hard to get along with.
Change the culture of your organization by building team chemistry.


What other are saying about Relationship Leadership

In a world driven by technology the need to connect with humans is more important now than ever. The keys Tracy offers in this book on communicating and connecting on a deeper level is enough for any leader to begin strengthening relationships that build trust and better collaboration.

– Alan Rosskamm, former CEO of Jo-Ann Stores

Building a strong team takes skill. It’s more than just valuing people but LEADING them to be their best even through conflict and disagreement. This book will change how you approach relationships, not just in the workplace but in life.

– Jenny Pruitt, CEO Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty

If you’ve hired talented people but unsure how to help them use their strengths to achieve goals, this is the book for you. This is a MUST have guide for leaders and managers that want to reaps BIG rewards. Elevate others to Elevate yourself!

– David Meltzer, CEO Sports1Marketing, Host of the #1 Entrepreneur Podcast The Playbook.

About the author

Tracy is a Leadership Engagement Consultant, Speaker, Trainer and Coach and creator of “The Relationship Leadership Philosophy”, and Leadership Development Programs including, “Bottom Line Behavior” and “You Be More Confident Executive Coaching for Women”. She is known for helping leaders and organizations engage and build strong team relationships and improve emotional intelligence competencies to navigate seamless transition to new and greater challenges for the future. She has worked with organizations to refine strategies to improve leadership and management effectiveness, employee engagement, interpersonal & communication styles, and customer relationship management skills.

Working with diverse groups such as the American Dairy Association, U.S. Department of Labor, World Wildlife Fund, NASA, Professional Women’s Associations, and small businesses, Tracy is able to increase performance by clearing away real or perceived obstacles by identifying individual, group, and organizational “limiting beliefs”, and eliminating toxic cultures. With a background in business, leadership, marketing, and human behavior, Tracy can share her wit and wisdom with audiences globally on business, life and leadership.

The way to create trusting and effective teams so your good people will stay around – The Relationship Leadership Book

This book will show you how to first build solid relationships with your team. You won’t have to worry or be as concerned when you’re able to communicate and connect with your team to lead them where you want them to go. Sure, you will always have team challenges, but isn’t it better to build trust and lead others when you have a relationship with them. Driving change is simpler when there’s trust.

In this book you will find 45 keys along with helpful calls-to-action on how you can develop leaders to have better “soft skills” as they lead their teams through challenges. We’ve all heard that people don’t leave companies, people leave people. If your leaders have established trust with their team members, even when there’s conflict or challenging situations, its easier to influence them to take action.

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