When people won’t change it costs time, money and productivity. Some see change as an opportunity and others see it as a threat!

Think about it.

When was the last time you had to take your team in a new direction? Did it go smooth like butter or was it hard and bumpy like trying to skateboard over a pile of rocks?

Did your people celebrate when you shared the vision with them or did they snarl and complain while whispering expletives under their breath?

You were excited after spending what seemed like months or even years of planning only to get crickets when you shared your vision with your team of where the company or department was headed into the future.

NOW you’re trying to figure out how to get people to MOVE!

It’s not easy but it’s possible once you have the tools and strategies that move people into ACTION! Because people are accustomed to being in their “comfort zone” it can be challenging to get them to move without being met with some resistance.


Resistance to change doesn’t mean it will be a constant uphill battle for you as a leader. Empower your people to take risks NOW!

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Make change easier for your folks! It’ll be easier for you too as a leader!!

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