Tracy Y Washington


Audiences from corporations, government departments, colleges and universities, and business leaders love to hire Tracy to speak, teach, and train leaders at their organizations.  She is known for her witty and engaging presentation style and wisdom on issues about business, life, leadership and PEOPLE. Tracy is gifted at building what she calls Relationship Currency, a process that gets results. She intersects personal stories with real-life business and leadership lessons. Tracy is what you would call a servant leader and has coached and trained individuals in leadership roles in their organizations and business leaders to engage in team and customer relationships that make an impact on the bottom line.

Tracy is a Leadership Engagement Consultant, Speaker, Trainer and Coach and creator of The Relationship Leadership Philosophy, and other Leadership development programs including, Bottom Line Behavior and You Be More Confident where she coaches and mentors women leaders about elevating their leadership style in their careers, creating work/life harmony and gaining emotional power in their lives.  She is passionate about helping leaders and organizations engage and build strong teams, employee and customer relationships, and improve emotional intelligence competencies to navigate seamless transition to new and greater challenges for the future. Tracy is also a certified grief recovery specialist helping people and organizations navigate through difficult change. 

Tracy’s passion for engaging in relationships comes from her experience and observations from the viewpoint of an employee, a customer and manager, and most of all family.  Because of this she has worked with organizations to refine strategies to improve leadership and management effectiveness, employee engagement, interpersonal & communication styles, and customer relationship management skills. For over two decades Tracy has worked to develop engaging training methods and convey practical techniques for staff, supervisor, and executive improvement. She is a constant student of human development and human behavior and knows how to influence, inspire and motivate others into action then helps leaders by showing them the secret sauce of getting others to connect with vision, goals and purpose.

Working with diverse groups such as the American Dairy Association, U.S. Department of Labor, World Wildlife Fund, NASA, Professional Women’s Associations, as well as small businesses, Tracy is able to increase performance by clearing away real or perceived obstacles by identifying individual, group, and organizational limiting beliefs, what makes people tick and what ticks them off, and examining the root cause of toxic workplace cultures. With a background in business, leadership, sales & marketing, and human behavior, Tracy shares her wit and wisdom with audiences globally on business, life, and leadership and regularly develops and delivers a diverse curriculum of training solutions. 

Tracy is originally from Akron, Ohio, but now makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is a wife, mother of two adult sons, and grandmother of three.  She is passionate about visiting interesting places, talking to people, physical fitness, spiritual health and wellness, and serving others through voluntary small groups both locally and virtually!



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