I gave my 10-year old granddaughter (yes, I am a grandmother) a “vision” talk yesterday via Facetime. She asked me questions about how I wrote a book. told her I did it step by step and the actions added up to the finished book. I encouraged her that she should write a book too!

That wasn’t the talk though.

I asked her did she know what the most valuable thing she can own was? “No”, she replied. I told her it was TIME. She looked puzzled trying to comprehend. I could tell her thoughts were racing.

I shared with her that my book could have been completed a year ago but it was what I chose to do with my time that delayed the process. I wasted time on things that didn’t have much meaning or wasn’t in alignment with my purpose. I asked her again about her book – what topic did she want to write about. She replied, “How to Make Friends” to which I replied, “great”. I told her that her choices are like seeds planted in the dirt in her classroom projects and pretty soon those seeds would break through the dirt and produce whatever form the seed was. Once the seed had been planted, watered, nurtured and cared for it produced something.

Relationship Leadership is a lot like planting seeds. A team is made up of relationships. How those relationships are cared for and nurtured will determine what type of team, culture and effort ) buy-in, loyalty and productivity you’ll have…and of course, there may be seeds that don’t produce anything at all!

Whether you’re starting out, growing and scaling your team every word, action, reaction or lack thereof is a seed setting in motion events that will determine the outcome. Building solid relationships take time, diligence and being intentional to create a the culture you want for your team. It CAN BE DONE by planting, nurturing and pruning!

I’m Tracy Washington – Leadership Engagement Speaker, Trainer and Coach

I help leaders engage, communicate and connect with customer and employees to get to the wants, needs and desires that inspire people to take ACTION.

I got into this work recognizing in my sales & marketing career how easy it was to relate to people to build relationships, not knowing at the time that I was building up the know, like & trust factor easily. Once I learned the foundation that selling was serving, I transferred those skills into leadership and management consulting and training and started my company.

How your team responds to your leadership is through relationship FIRST.

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