👉🏽 Everybody wants to feel heard, valued and acknowledged.

👉🏽 Listening is a skill that requires more than just “being present”.

👉🏽 Listening is being a heart with ears to make sense of what’s being shared and connect with the person speaking. Not to interrupt, judge, dismiss or compare.

👉🏽 Listening is WANTING to hear the thoughts and hearts of others.

Everyone is looking for the same thing – a way forward. However, in order to move forward we have to be able to hear AND listen (they are not the same thing).

📢 While attempting to build #solidarity and #allyship we must cultivate the #psychological safety to have the difficult conversations to:

1- Listen – with the intent to understand, not to interrupt or judge.
2- Ask questions – be curious about the experiences of others.
3- Remain open to learning – new discoveries about yourself and others can happen,

Organizations who have pledged to address the important issues of racism will have to create the #safe learning environments to have discussions that require emotional intelligence.

People will want to see more than just words but action.  Employees are holding their leaders accountable to their press releases and public statements of solidarity.  There’s work to be done.  We didn’t get here overnight and it’s going to take some hard work, self-reflection, review of processes and policies, hiring, promotions, etc. to ensure we don’t just “check the box” on another initiative where nothing is ever done.

💲Pledging money towards anti-racism is a good thing and walking the talk is even better.

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